Your wedding at the Ascension

The Ascension is a lovely place to get married, to renew your marriage vows or have a previous ceremony blessed.  The church has a traditional feel which is just right for weddings and looks great in photographs.  More importantly, it is a sacred place, the house of God, an ideal place to make solemn vows to each other and to God.  A wedding here is unforgettable.  


A wedding costs around £700 at the Ascenion, with an additional £40 for heating if you choose to get married in the winter.  Organist's fees are in the region of £140, but are well worth it for the resounding sound of the Wedding March, or something less traditional. Flowers are another additional cost, and we will work with your own florist or offer the services of our church florist as you prefer.

Legally you have to have some connection with the parish church to be married, for example if you were christened here, or you or your family used to live here, but do speak to us about this and we'll do our best to help.  For general information the Church of England has a great weddings site: .

We are angry about the fact that we can't legally marry same-sex couples, but we are happy to offer services of celebration for those married in registry offices or other places.  The Vicar is welcoming and affirming of same-sex couples.  Come and talk to us about how we can help you celebrate!  

For more information contact the Vicar on 0208 691 7364 or email  You can also come to one of our services, or drop into church at 11:30 on a Sunday as the main service finishes.  Feel free to come and have a look around without obligation.

  The Ascension, Blackheath   ·   Dartmouth Row London SE10 8AW       07572873327